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How to find a grant application

seeangel67 started this conversation

Every commercial and add says there is free government grant money out there and all you have to is apply.  Now my only question is if there is free grant money out there why do you have to pay to get to it.  I think if someone needs a grant and there is all this money out there you shouldn't have to pay for it.  An application for a grant should be ready for filling out.  This doesn't make sense to me.  That tells me if you have to pay for a grant to get then people are wasting their time trying to apply for it. 

I applied for it once and never got my money.  Now I feel I deserve to find that free grant application to fill out.  These people took me for my money and I'm not happy.  Now this so called "FREE GOVERNMENT GRANT" is out there tell me where it is.  I would like to really know.  You shouldn't have to pay money to get money if it's free.

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littlelacie   in reply to 2slow4me
google free grants in Alaska to start. as you get more information, then go from there.
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looking for free grant to buy an income property /that has living quarter and large workshop in Alaska to start a small engine repair shop
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I feel you I'm having the same problem right now is there anywhere to get honest help these days.
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Snow Bound   in reply to Ricin
On the screen scroll through recent post ,she maybe online tonight, when you see her on the left of your screen hoover over her tile then click it, that will take you where you need to be.
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Ricin   in reply to Snow Bound
Where do I go to find it at
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Snow Bound   in reply to Ricin
Sorry!Ricen the last post I made was intened for seange667
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Snow Bound   in reply to Ricin
Just click on The Christmas Cat an check out some of her links ,she has put time & effort into her list ,they are vast I wolud be shocked if you don't find something there! Best Wishes
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Trying to get a grant to help me get a car and a house anyone know how I can do this and where I can go
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I strongly agree i feel that if there is extra money out there to help people then why should we b charged for the money that we should be entitled to
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how come many people dont know about this opportunity
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I have been there and done that. There is supposed to be free money available for everyday people like us, but you need to pay for a guide to these grants. If I had the money, I wouldn't be looking for a grant for dental care. I cannot make any sense of it except to say that the wealthier people get preference over people who need it to live, not to make more money. But hey, we pay for more country's food for their citizens while our neighbors are starving behind their front door. Help me understand please? I am disabled, my husband is dying and yet, on disability I cannot get any assistance with denta I care. Thanj as for listeming . SWM
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Teamboss72   in reply to johnnyblaze
and me...
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is there anyone who knows how i could apply for a grant for free??
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Belladancer   in reply to Rocky s mom
Hi could you help me get free grant money?
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Rocky s mom   in reply to twins1
Hello teresa I would love to talk more with u about help getting grants I will try emiling u
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Michaelangelo   in reply to Tankster
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Savannah101   in reply to johnnyblaze
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I thought free meant you don't have to give or pay for it. A lot of the sights that I have went on say free grant money and application. You go to the sight fill in the information then there is a fee you have to pay. That is not free. I feel that those people should be charged with fruad.
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lil blue
I agree my dad died december and my stepmom got the addminstrative rites, and is selling my home of 8 years out from under me iv looked everywhere for assisantence and no help
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twins1   in reply to anitadaisy
Do a google search for your state with the word grant application in it , only go to the sites that are .gov as the are government sites and not pay to help you get a grant sites.
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